Networkrent aims to offer favourable solutions for long- and short-term vehicle rentals. In our work, we want to offer the best conditions for the customer, a car rental service that is among the best in the field, with a fleet of efficient and modern vehicles from the best manufacturers. Thanks also to the precise and attentive quality of service, Networkrent manages to satisfy every different rental need put forward by the customer.

Long- and short-term car rental

Networkrent provides an efficient long- and short-term car rental service. Ours is one of the few companies on the market that offers long-term rent, or the long-term rental of used cars. Thanks to this service, those who cannot rent a new premium car in the long term can rent a used car which is safe, serviced and under official warranty.

Rental of vans and buses

Our company’s car rental service is successful and in ever-increasing demand. The service began with renting commercial vehicles, like vans operated with Category B license, coaches and more, and then later completing the service offered with rental cars, mainly in segments A, B, C, D (mini, small, medium, large).

The advantages for Italian companies

Italian companies, i.e. taxable entities, will enjoy the rental fee without the application of Slovenian VAT, provided that the rental is prolonged for more than 30 days, it is, in fact, a provision of services between States of the European Union and, as such, is not subject to VAT. This immediately results in less cash expenditure with obvious benefits.

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