Why is Long-Term Rental better?

Long-term rental for individuals, freelancers and businesses allows you to have a car at your disposal without the obligation to buy it. Very often, a rental car is a viable alternative to buying. Simple and fast, for a fixed fee, besides the arrangement of the vehicle for a certain period rental offers, rental offers a wide range of very important services.

Long-term rental, therefore, is better: you will benefit from zero hidden costs and zero nasty surprises.

From today, with Networkrent rental is even more convenient: find discounted models, ready-to-deliver cars, vehicles with zero advance and used cars with a guarantee. And when does the contract expire? You can choose whether to return the vehicle or if you want to renew your long-term rental, as well as choosing a new vehicle and new conditions according to your needs at the time.

With Networkrent, the following services are included: 24h Road rescue, Vehicle Insurance + comprehensive insurance, periodic maintenance, vehicle tax/property tax, home delivery, customer service, management of fines.

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