Car rental services

Thanks to the great care we have invested in a punctual, high-quality car rental service and a constantly renewed fleet of vehicles kept in top condition, Network Rent is able to satisfy each and every customer’s different rental request.


The vehicle rental service has solutions for all travel needs. We offer long-term car rental for companies, professionals and private individuals: this allows you to have a car at your disposal without necessarily having to buy it.


Short-term rental, for its part, has the shortest contract duration, ranging from a single day to a maximum of 31 days. In addition, in short-term rental, vehicles can only be chosen from the available fleet, which consists of cars which have finished their long-term rental contract.

The rental that pays off!

In the rental fleet, our customers can find new and totally reliable models, selected from all major brands, cars for all kinds of travel.

The cars for rental are of all types, minis, small cars, medium cars, large cars, cars mainly in the segments A,B,C,D. Vehicles complete with comfort and accessories.

Short-term car rental, touring car rental, business car rental, work van rental, commercial vehicle rental, 9-seater coaches… We have the solution you’re looking for.

Always attentive to the needs of the customer and to the movements of the market in the sector, the car rental service is carried out with regulations designed to achieve customer benefits.

Our long-term rental service allows private individuals, freelancers and companies to have a practically new car without the need to buy it, with tax advantages.

For long-term rental (36 to 60 months) of used cars, we work with large Slovenian dealers of premium brands; we have used cars which are serviced and under warranty.