About the rental service

Short-term rental: short-term rental ranges from 1 day to 30 days. The price of the service offered varies depending on various elements like the duration, the car model to be rented, the accessories required, the kilometres driven, etc.

Long-term rental: long-term rental lasts from a minimum of 31 days to a maximum of 60 months. Also for this service, different car models can be rented according to need, and the price varies according to duration, any options required, kilometres, etc.

Technical assistance

Our company offers vehicles for hire which are in a perfect state of reliability, safety and efficiency: all our cars are complete with certified maintenance, servicing, insurance, warranty and overhaul. . Network Rent is headquartered in Slovenia and serves many customers in the area of Trieste, Gorizia, Udine and beyond, both Italian companies and private individuals.

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Documents required

A number of documents are required for long-term rental which vary for private individuals and companies (partnership, corporation or sole proprietorship).

For partnerships/sole proprietorships:complete Unified Tax Return or the company’s Unified Tax Return, proof of submission of the Unified Tax Return to the Internal Revenue Service; Chamber of Commerce certificate not older than 6 months or VAT registration certificate; copy of the legal representative’s identity card and tax code on both sides; stamped and signed Privacy Form.

For corporations: last deposited balance sheet complete with explanatory notes, minutes of the shareholders’ meeting, certificate of submission of the balance sheet to the CCIAA; Chamber of Commerce certificate not older than 6 months; copy of the identity card and tax code of the legal representative on both sides; stamped and signed Privacy Form.

For private individuals: tax declaration or CUD for the last 2 tax years; last 2 payslips; front/back copy of identity card and tax code; stamped and signed privacy form.

For short-term rental: valid driving licence, health card, ID card.